Institute of Leadership Studies (ILS), formerly Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS),  is designed to nurture and spiritually equip Christians throughout Asia. ILS is an integral part of the training and development of Campus Crusade for Christ staff members in the region. Hundreds of participants in the ILS program can attest to the growth they have experienced as a result of their participation in ILS classes. A deeper understanding and appreciation for the Word of God as applied to their lives and ministries makes a lasting impact.

ILS classes are generally held during summer break for two weeks in Metro Manila and at other times of the year in various countries of South and Southeast Asia as well as Europe. The instructors are top Christian leaders and teachers from among the IGSL faculty and highly qualified local and international guest lecturers.

ILS offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves thoroughly in the study of God’s Word. ILS also offers a taste of graduate-level training that often helps students to decide about future enrollment in a degree program at the resident school.

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