IGSL is starting a new curriculum this year SY 2019-2020. Previous students who started under a trimester have a different schedule from the new students who are starting under a semester. There are two sets of class schedules included in this page. For the trimester schedule, second term is posted below.

Click chosen curriculum to see schedule.

[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”First Trimester Schedule (Old Curriculum)” collapse_text=”Show less” ]

August 13 to October 24, 2019

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[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”First Semester Schedule (New Curriculum)” collapse_text=”Show less” ]

August 16 to December 13, 2019

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[bg_collapse view=”button-orange” color=”#4a4949″ expand_text=”PIM Schedule (First Semester) SY 2019-2020″ collapse_text=”Show less” ]

Old Curriculum: August 19 to October 28, 2019
New Curriculum: August 19 to December 9, 2019

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