At IGSL, Moodle is the learning management system that provides you with the online classroom. You access your course by visiting the IGSL website. Click the Login button in the Homepage which will open Moodle. Enter your login credentials, and once in Moodle, click the name of your course.  

What Is An Online Course?

Online courses are classes in which the course content and instruction are delivered through the web using the Moodle learning management system. Although you may not meet your instructor or classmates in person, you will get to know them very well and communicate frequently. The online classroom is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and you choose the time of day or evening to access your course. The course will follow a weekly schedule with assignment deadlines, and you must complete your work on time.

Course Activities may include

  • Participating in discussions 
  • Contributing to group projects
  • Taking quizzes or tests 
  • Reading articles and lecture notes  
  • Recording videos 
  • Practicing presentations 
  • Exploring web resources 
  • Doing research 
  • Watching videos

To learn more about what to expect when taking an online course, please view this video:

What you need to be successful in online classes:

  • Be an active course participant 
  • Have solid time management skills 
  • Have effective communication skills 
  • Have the ability to use a computer and related technology efficiently 
  • Are self-motivated and self-disciplined 
  • Have the ability to learn independently yet work well with others 
  • Can set aside time each day or night to devote to your coursework

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